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Amino Acid Analysis
amino acid analysis

Amino Acid (composition) Analysis of a protein or
peptide is in general performed to determine the protein concentration, or protein content. In combination with UV measurement, however, it can also be used to get the
molar extinction coefficient. This analysis is used throughout all stages of drug discovery and development, and/or to demonstrate comparability and consistency between batches for release testing during the manufacturing phase. Amino acid analysis is a key part of
the ICH Q6B guidelines for characterisation and
confirmation of biopharmaceuticals in support of new marketing applications.

All kind of samples is supported, viz.: dry, in solution, and even in SDS-PAGE gel (see technical info). Also we offer D,L separation and quantification. Since a highly sensitive RP-HPLC and fluorescence based method is used, a minimum quantity of only about 2 µg of protein material will already give good results. Determination of free amino acids in cell culture media, or for certain Food / Feed applications is also offered. See also our technical / background information .